Our Poppy Blue & White Stripe Cotton Shirt. Shown here in 100 percent pure cotton. With, a gorgeous ruffled button-up front and collar detail. Also with unique sheering cuffs and scooped back. Furthermore, our stunning Poppy comes in another fabulous Pink Sorbet and White stripe colourway. As well as, 5 comfortable fitted sizes. In short, Poppy is the perfect self-indulgent purchase to add to your wardrobe or as a gift for someone extra special. Keep an eye out for our new colours, Coming Soon!

Furthermore, our amazing collection has also been ethically sourced. Hand-made and above all, with quality and style. Designed in Melbourne and available to stock for lifestyle stores and boutiques Australia and New Zealand-wide.

Finally, we also offer our clients retailer exclusivity in the suburb or town in which they trade. So, feel free to call to speak with one of our team for any further details. Phone: +61 3 9326 4395

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Poppy Blue & White Stripe Cotton Shirt(Side).
Poppy Blue & White Stripe Cotton Shirt.