Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring

Our Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring is set in a unique sterling silver band, packed with plenty of sparkles. It’s the perfect forever gift for someone special. Also available in a beautiful, soft rose gold.

Furthermore, our stunning collection has also been ethically sourced. Hand-made and above all, with quality, style, and at an affordable price.

Also, available to retail industry boutiques and lifestyle stores Australia wide. Who all enjoy our location exclusivity guarantee in the town they trade.

Finally, we also offer our clients retailer exclusivity in the suburb or town in which they trade. So, feel free to call to speak with one of our team for any further details. Phone: +61 3 9326 4395

So, click here to view our wholesale cubic zirconias range.

Or, click here to order this stunning cubic zirconia eternity ring.  

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